Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sabbath May 26, 2007

I took an Advil PM last night and did not walk up all night till 08:30, then I went back to sleep till 10:00. I get up and go out to get our Baguette and croissants. I prepare our grits and fruit - grapes and strawberries. We leave to go to Versailles by noon. After purchasing the train ticket 27E we sit in the upper deck of the car. The trip is about 35 minutes. It is a 5 minute walk to the palace from the train station. The entry is crowded as usual. Once we enter the gardens we head toward the back where it is less crowded. The fountains are not on, and the shade trees are gone from the storm in 2000.
IMG_4212 (Small)

Then at 15:00 we hear an announcement and music starts playing. This must be the signal that the fountains are on. Sure enough we see one in the distance. They stay on until we leave around 17:00. The gardens are much prettier with music and water flowing in the fountains. It looks like it could rain again and we are a long way from the train with no cover between the station and us, so we start back to the station. We doze on the short trip back to Norte Dame station.
IMG_4253 (Small)

As we walk past the mini mart on our street I pop in and purchase 2 chicken breast, a pear, more cheese, and an Orangina drink. We have capallini with Herbs de Provence encrusted Chicken with sauce, a fresh Baguette and cheese. It was excellent. I pan-fried the chicken in butter coating both sides with Herbs de Provence, then I roasted it in the oven as I finished the capillini and sauce. Only problem was, after I took the frying pan out of the oven on the counter, I reached for it with my bare hand. OCHHH it was hot. I managed to get my whole hand around the handle before I knew what happened. I got some ice and held that for a while, It did not really help. The meal was very good I’d say better that the one I had last night that I paid 17€ for.
IMG_0811 (Small)

After we ate I went to the pharmacy around the corner. I ask for some burn medicine. I showed her my hand she said it was not burned, I assured her that it was. She found some cream that said burn on the label. I applied the cream and put some ice in a baggie that we had brought.

We were getting ready to go out and it started to rain. But it only lasted for about 30 minutes. We went out and walked down the Seine and took pictures. It started to rain again and we took shelter under a bridge. The rain only lasted a few minutes, but we decided to head back to the apartment so we could get to bed earlier. We are planning on going up to Montmartre in the morning. So I better get to bed as it is now 00:15. My hand is not hurting as much.
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