Monday, May 21, 2007

Arriving in London

May 21, 2007
London England
167 Hotel
167 Old Brompton Road

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We arrived at our hotel at 11:15 by taxi at a cost of £9.00. The lobby of the hotel was nice but cramped. The man behind the desk was friendly and efficient. The room would be next on the list to be cleaned. It would be ready to occupy in 1 hour. In the mean time he suggested that we go to one of the museums up the street. I ask it the was a good Indian of Thai restaurant close by, He suggested the Star of India just up the street.

There was a slight mist in the air as we ventured out the front steps. We walked back up the street the way the taxi had brought us. We came to a corner with 3 Indian restaurants: The Star, Kare Kare, and Noor Jahan. We looked in to all three but they did not open till noon. We walked down the street farther, the rain was now coming down harder it was 11:30. Seems restaurants do not open till noon here. So we turned around and walked back to Kare Kare. We waited the last 3 minutes then walked through the open door. We sat by the window at a 4 top. The food was good, and elegantly served. We had curried and papadum for £29.95. The water we had shared was £3.50.
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We now walked back to our hotel 2 blocks away in the rain. We were on the 4th floor. The room is very tiny probably 12 by 15 with a small 15” TV sitting on top of the mini refrigerator. The bat is nice. There is just room to set our three suitcases on the floor. The room is nice and clean no smell of smoke.

At 5PM we head out to London proper. We walk to the Gloucester road Tube station. We are going to the Piccadilly Circus area. The subway is unbelievably crowded. We can barely get in the door. There are people pressed against you all around. The ceiling is only 9 inches taller than I am. Ivar would not fit in this train!. We get out at Piccadilly Circus. The clouds are low but there is no rain just a gray day in London. The news from the papers on the street is that the Cutty Sark has burned almost to the ground this morning at 4:45AM. They are checking the CCTV for possible arson. We walk to Leicester Square and find a hotel that we once stayed in it is now a Radisson.

We stop and eat pizza and ziti £14.45. Wow $30.00 for not much food.

Next we walked down to Big Ben area. After waking around we device to head back to the Hotel. We stopped in at a grocery store and bought some cookies and chips $10.00.

We are back in the room trying to figure out where to put the suitcases.